I have nice Jackson USA body that need a nice neck. I was going to order a Musikraft neck. They have many options, one being a compound radius. I have play a Warren DeMartini Charvel, 12"-16", and really like the feel of neck. I only played it for few minutes and am worried that I might not like after a while.
Can anyone give some advice?
i have a 7.25"~9.5" compound radius neck (way curvy than what ur looking at)

i think compound radius is easier to play on, more curve at low frets for chord work, but flatter up top to move fingers faster. so i think u'd like it. (i do.)

but u might need fret job if you get compound. it's pretty hard to get it dead on first. i got a fret job on mine, it plays like a dream.
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I would love to play it longer, but the shop has sold the guitar. If my wife would have said yes, it would have been mine.
I have heard nothing but good things about their necks, and prices aren't bad.