im just about to get my epiphone valve junior half stack( which i love the sound of) but its could use with a EQ, and becasue it doesn't have one, i mean i could live with out it but i though of getting a Moen EQ,


well my questions are,
has any body tried these pedals?and is teh baffalo anygood?

and from the link do you think the buffalo is what i need, concidering im in australia, will cost me $90 and theres no danelectros

much apperciated
pretty much any EQ will work just fine... even the cheapest (or "most cheap" i dont know) EQ will do the job
but from the link does it look alright,
its says this, "On top of parametric equalization, the MOEN Buffalo has a Decay knob which acts as an attenuator for the guitar player to further manipulate the gain of his pre-amplifier for a more accurate equalization" so would this be decent for a valve junior?

its either Moen Or Behringer....... help pelase
it looks nice... you should try it in the store... behringer will also work... i think id go for the behringer i dont know...
the behringer with be $60 and will i can't really try either, so.... im thinking the moen look nice, true bypass, analoge. metal casing..... and more help , woudl really love some