Okay, I recently got a powerblock for $100 CDN (straight, including taxes), and while it sounds okay, I will likely relegate it to "jack of all trade, master of none" backup amplifier. Namely, in the future where I am force to be a bassist, I still have an amp until I get something that can handle bass (I heard that for bass, it's tone is not bad)

So while bass I could properly run it straight, I would prefer some tube-like warmth into it when playing guitar. Here's the option:
1) EVJ+power attenuator to line level-->CPB. Problem is that it's f---ing huge relatively speaking
2) A FET-based distortion box or amplifier. Commericial would be Danelectro honeytone and amplug; DIY would be anything from runoffgroove (looking at Uno or thor)
2a) If anyone knows a good tube circuit that can provide tube amp distortion at a line-level output, tell me.
3) Just get a line6 and deal with it, since SS will never sound good, so may as well as improve a little bit.

Yes, I know it's SS, but you cannot beat its weight and size.
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