All right, after planning on doing this for ages, I have finally come up with a semi-solid plan. I'm gonna be buying the wood, or some of it at least, next weekend. So, I'm coming here to one ) inform you guys that I'm gonna be doing a build, and 2) making sure that my wood choice is good.

So, for body I'm planning on using Alder with some sort of top. I have a few in mind, but nothing is set in stone.
Maple for the neck, and I'm debating putting two pieces of rosewood or some other dark coloured wood in between three pieces of maple.
Maple fingerboard.

I haven't figured out too much, just some basic things. This'll probably be underway next weekend if all goes well.

By the way, it will be a Les Pauls shape guitar with a honeyburst finish.
Thanks for your time, I'll pick this back up with some pictures once I've started.

EDIT: Just an idea I thought up. Having LEDs under each pickup, and when said pickup is in use, they glow. I'm not sure of this yet, I just thought it was a cool idea.
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Sounds beautiful! If it's you like the LP tone, go with mahogany body, mahogany neck, and maple top. Otherwise, experiment! A laminate neck with maple and something like rosewood will be rock solid. There are alot of different things you could do for a top, and it won't affect your tone THAT much, so go crazy. Also, my first guitar was a carved top... maybe that wouldn't be a good idea for a first guitar, it's way tough (but I didn't have the right tools either...)

All in all, sounds like a good plan, good luck!
And it's not the tone of an LP that I'm looking for, just the shape.
As for the carved top issue, I think it'll be all right. I've got all the tools I need, so hopefully it turns out all right.
And for the neck, were you saying it was a bad idea to do it that way? Or just pointing out that it's gonna be really hard?
Thanks for checking out the thread by the way.
Sounds pretty good. I don't think I've seen very many LP's with maple fretboards (or even if I've seen any), but I've always though it would look pretty sweet. What sort of top are you thinking of? I think something like figured walnut (or another dark wood) would be pretty cool to have as a top with an all clear finish and the maple fretboard. Having it beside a 'normal' LP would be like having a chocolate chip cookie next to one of those chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, because a 'normal' LP is a lighter body with a dark fretboard, and this would be a dark top with a light back, neck, and fretboard.

can you tell I'm hungry?

anyways, here's hoping this build goes awesome.
Haha, that was a nice little analogy ^.


I was looking at the Curly Redwood on that page for the top.
I like the idea of a dark top, and I agree it would look really sweet, but I think I'm gonna stick with the light burst look.
And thanks, I hope it turns out well too Be sure to check it out once I actually get started.
All right, sorry I took so long to get back to this, there's been hold ups everywhere I look.

Anyways, I have the alder body blank in my possesion now--this first step to what I hope will be a very nice guitar. haha.
It's two pieces, and there is a small knot, but it wont be included in the body. It's around where the center of the cutout for the horn will be; so no worries. I'll try to get a picture of it later.

So yeah, I'm just letting anyone who is interested know that I am actually getting into this now.
And I've decided to put walnut between the maple for the neck. I'll probably be doing a flamed maple top.

I also have a quick question about pickups. I want to be able to have a very crisp clean tone as well as a heavier one good for some distortion...I really have no idea about pickups, so any suggestions are welcome to achieve those tones. Thanks for checking this out everyone!
All right guys, quick update.
I've decided on a SH-1 in the bridge position, and I'm looking at anv Invader for the neck, but we'll see.
Just thought I'd update that quickly.
And I promise, I WILL get started on this soon.
Hey everyone.
Finally got started on this, only to fudge it up right away.
When we calculated (we being my father and I) the scale from the picture I had to the real thing, we made a tiny error.
This tiny error made the whole body about an eight, maybe two eights too small all the way around.
We though we could work around this--but no. There was no way that we'd get a properly sized neck to fit properly.
So, we're getting ourselves a new piece of alder and will be starting over in two weeks.

Luckily, this good looking (although improperly sized) body will make a good practice piece for routing and whatnot, and may end up as a nice room decoration.

Here's some pictures of what I thought was going well just to spice this thread up a bit.

And to let everyone know, we decided not to go with the figured top this time around.
Damn good thing eh? That could have been a FAR more expensive error.

I don't have pictures of the body cut out because they were taking too long to upload, but anyways, yeah, here's a few just for your viewing pleasure.

Cheers guys. In two weeks when everything is measured properly, the pace of this will pick up.
Thanks Bro

Really wish I hadn't screwed this one up. I was looking forward to working on it today.
Anyways, be sure to check it out in two weeks when I get going again.
All right Everyone,
update time.
Ordered some parts

Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge with Standard Posts Gold
25-1/2" Fender Scale Compound Radius Fingerboard Indian rosewood
String-thru Top Ferrules Gold
2 Abalone Top Custom Bell Knobs Gold

Hoping to get the bridge on there next weekend.
(Assuming I do the body right that time)