okay..so in english class in school, my teacher wanted us to go through chapter five of Frankenstein by Mary Shelly and circle words and make a poem out of them, so this is what I have and after I saw what I written i figured it could probably make a pretty sick song..i'll probably fix some of it up but here it is...

Cold Sweat Stares

The convulsions of this wrinkled wrtech were
Contrasted between the luxurious and demonical.
We've never seemed so deprived of sleep.
The complexion of your face is lustrous, pearly white
It was obvious the hue of death was enveloped in the flannel.
Beads of sweat escaped from my head
Flannel, detain me once more.
Still breathless in horror, my teeth begins to chatter.
But what's this now your features are changing?
The complexion color changed form black to white.
Pearly white, now the accomplishment is complete.
Sleep is kissing me on the cheek, but I can't answer back.
Suprised with this delight I beheld the bed.
Once a bed, now a coffin I can see the grave worms crawling
Agony and disgust, in a time of rest
Can you explain the horrors of a dream?
"Spin round carosel when your horse isn't screwed in."

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