I want to buy a new electric guitar, but I am not sure what I should buy. I'm not looking at spending more than 500 bucks, so I have some questions and guitars in mind:

1. Fender Strat w/ dual humbuckers bridge pickup - saw it at guitar center for 449.99, but I have a strat now, albeit with only a single coil bridge pickup, and it gets no crunch on the g,b,and e strings. Would the dual humbuckers give me the distortion I want from those strings or not? I like strats, because they are easy to play and lighter than Les Pauls, but if I can't get that distortion from the high strings, it kinda sux. Note: I even have a Boss Metal Core ML-2 dist. pedal and it still doesn't give me much on the b and e strings. So would this guitar be good for me?

2. Epiphone Tony Iommi SG - For only about 500 bucks, I thought that this would be a decent purchase to play the kind of music I create (hard rock, usually in dropped D, lots of palm muting and harmonic fills, few solos). Also, after watching him play on a reocrded Heaven and Hell concert, I was really impressed with how good it sounded live (but a lot of that could have came from the PA system). Also, I do like playing clean tones, so could I get some decent clean tone from this and still get distortion I am looking for?

3. Dean Flying V - There are a bunch of Dean V's ranging from $350 - $1000, so I would be getting one in the cheaper range, which makes me worry about its quality. I have never really played a Dean, other than just messing around in Guitar Center for a couple seconds, so I don't know much about them, other than user reviews are usually good, but better for the more expensive models. Help.

So basically, those are my three options, and feel free to recommend another guitar if you think it would fit good both for power rock with chugging/bouncing power chords and some bluesy clean tones. But keep in mind I need a guitar where I can get some distortion on the high strings, not just e,a, and d.

Well the Dean V (the 200-300 dollar one) is great for the price, almost as good as the others, but thats just my opinion
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i have an ibanez sa160
it sounds so great and im not the only1 who think this
i think its a discontinued guitar but the sa260 is similar

may b u should consider this guitar 2
When you have an Ibanez around your neck, how does it feel? How is the neck?