i need a new amp since i sold my V3 Iam going to try out a Krankenstein tommorow im hopeing that its just as good as a Krankenstein+ since i like them. Does anyone have some suggestions besides these?

-Krankenstein+ or just the 'stein
-Mark IV
-Fraums Cobra
-maybe another 5150? But i would get the II / +
-Maybe a Engl ? Never have played 1 or seen one in real life tho.

Sorry this isn't really an answer to your question but...why'd you sell your V3? I was lookin' into them so I was just wondering the reason.

Anyway, if you could find a VHT (Pitbull, Deliverance) or a Bogner Uberschall they would be nice to try out too.
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Only reason i sold my V3 is b/c the dude i bought it from couldnt live without it, and he gave me $200 more then i bought it for. It IS a great amp, but id take somethin else over it. like the stein.
Really eh, cause I've heard mostly negatives about the Krankenstein. But who knows...
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I did to, but never assume without trying it like a lot of people do. (including me)

ps typo he gave me $100 more but i gave him the footswitch i bought so i made like $20 but oh well. Anyone else having trouble with the "edit " button, it wasn't loading?