i'm just getting into blues its so cool.are there any good songs that arent to hard that are fun to play?
take it here bud...


EDIT: might as well pitch in a bit. Check out EC's "The Blues" album, great stuff. check out BB king. I also enjoy muddy waters, robert johnson, and howlin wolf. All great stuff. Check out "Howlin Wolf Sessions." As for songs to learn? Stormy monday - bb king, Outside Woman Blues - Cream, and some bluesier live Led Zeppelin. The last two suggestsions are more blues rock oriented, but if your playing straight blues, you never play the same thing twice. Just listen to it, jam with it, and improv in the same style as the song. Enjoy the blues man!
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umm i dunno what kinda blues your into but there are a bunch of different types. bob dylan has a couple of really good blues-ish songs like "dirt road blues". one of my favorites is "love and happiness" by al green and also anything from clapton unplugged.
uhhh BB KING!

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John Mayall, EC and Hendrix all do some fairly easy songs

if you want quieter blues then go BB
Try and contact Sinan90 ( ithink thats his name) and he'll give you details about a Blues Standard Book you can download
It's great
Although not exactly easy, I still recomend the Eric Clapton and the bluesbreakers album (also known as the beano one), it is an AWESOME piece of blues.

Easier EC songs are pretty bluesey, especially his older stuff anyways. Blues/rock stuff like Cream and Hendrix.

BB King has some reasonably easy songs if you take the time to learn them.
Albert King.
Albert Collins. Absolutely awesome. Totally unique style. That is untill everyone copied them. But that's blues. I love it but it is hard to be unique in the blues genre.
try some stuff by Cream. Bluesy but riff based. You may not be able to do the soloing but the riffs, like Born Under A Bad Sign, Lawdy Mama and Sittin on Top of the World, should inspire you.