I decided to follow a rhyme scheme for the hell of it.

Bow low, take a hand,
steal a kiss, ask a dance.
Pull her close, wrap your arm
'round the small of her back

She's an eloquent beauty
She's got looks to kill.
Holding body to body
While drinking your fill.

Spin her left, spin her right,
Hand in hand through the night.
Whisper nothings but baby
your love could be something

Arch your back for the crowd,
Smile wide like you mean it.
Run your hands down her thigh,
Both your features are candle-lit

Break away, flash a smile
And turn away running,
She's begging for more,
Sweetheart, double or nothing.

Just a glance, then a turn
at the heel off the dance floor.
She's standing alone
just what both of you asked for

Intimate at the waist,
And theres no strings attached to
The puppeteer's bandstand
Where it all reaches climax

And Again
And Again
And again
Once again
And again
And again

We took more than we bargained for
More then we needed
Tripping head over heals
Where the nobles are seated

It's the dead lover's waltz
In this masquerade ball
Not a partner is left
At this picturesque wall
Of white smiles and fakes
Watching lover to lover
The body heat rising
The courtiers writhing
you stole one of my older song's ideas

It's ok though...you worded it better haha
I liked this, though. The chorus, especially. There isn't really anything I'd change about this.

I'd say...7-8/10 overall
My gear:
Schecter C-1+ w/ Seymour duncan Jazz (neck) and Full Shred (bridge), with Sperzels
B-52 LG-100A 4x12 half stack
Rogue LX405 Bass
Yamaha classical
Some sort of acoustic Squier
Boss Flanger
Lyon Chorus