hey every1,
im having troubles with finger placement on frets...i mean when i try to play tabs some need me to cover a whole fret wit my finger, but when i try play the string it doesnt play well...the string doesnt ring at all, it just ends up blunt. Im pressing my finger down very hard but if i do that then i wont be able to use my other fingers otherwise i would need to loosen my grip thus the string doesnt ring again. Are my fingers too soft or am i just holding the guitar wrong?
Well you might be talking about the F or the Bm chord, which are hard for learners. My advice is to watch some youtube videos explaining how to play these chords or play the easy version of the chords.
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maybe your holding down on the actual 'fret bars'...sorry if this sounds condescending, but make sure your fingers are in the space between the bars, not on them.

other than that make sure your strings are connected properly and tuned correctly. make sure you arnt accidentally bending your strings. give us a picture of what you do that will help.
like for a long time my friends frets from 15-22 just played the same note (in a dull manner like you describe) so maybe its something like that, do to with a warped neck..so check if your trus bar is cool, and check if the neck isnt warped.
^I was just thinking that. You dont push on the metal fret itself, you push between the fret you want to play and the one behind it (towards the headstock)