This kid is insane.


Although he uses a Line 6 which apparently suck, he's got other equipment.

npoczynek (2 weeks ago)
The guitar is just a standard Mexican Strat. I'm playing with a Boss GT-8 set on a 5150 lead patch, through the clean channel of a Line6 SpiderII 212.

The tone is great; sounds identical to EJ. What does everyone here think of the sound he achieves through his Line 6 (plus his BOSS GT-8, of course)? Pretty good?
Not bad, but yeah, you have to take into account that he's using the clean channel (most people **** on the distortion/other models) and using a GT-8, AND he's miked/quite possibly EQed.

If he played straight up unmiked through his Spider, things may be different.
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There is no way he's getting that tone out of solid state. I've played with tube amps and couldn't get that tone...

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Yup... that's great tone. Talented kid.
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the tone is a little...

not harsh, but... stiff. not creamy at all.
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It was good, but it isn't all that hard, a lot of people here are making a big deal over it, and wtf lol @ spider!
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There is no way he's getting that tone out of solid state. I've played with tube amps and couldn't get that tone...

Well, maybe you're not good with amps...
It just goes to show that it's more about skill than gear. But, admittedly, the distortion is not quite what it could be.
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It was an okay tone that SOUNDED like ej's

but as with all spider tones, they are just made to replicate the tone poorly
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Nice playing. The amp sound wasn't that good, but it was okay, and the playing totally makes you forget that :p
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the tone is a little...

not harsh, but... stiff. not creamy at all.


Also, he used the CLEAN channel out of the Spider, he could have used like any amp he wanted, more or less, since most of the tone was from the pedal. And not to diss EJ, but he has a kind of "cheesy-ness" in his tone and the Boss GT-8 has a very similar "cheesy-ness" in it's tone.
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He's not using a Line 6 Spider for his tone at all, he's using a Boss GT8...presumable because all the Spider's tones are sucky.
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