sorry for weird title. could not come up with anything eles.

well here's my question.

what you think of these insturments in a indie/rock/alternative?


there would be a girl on vocals.

to me it sounds like panic at the disco but we are from vegas so idk. i love there music but im looking to go in a different way.
ok cool.

i might be guitar or bass.

i hope guitar.

i never played with a cellist but i guess it is awsome.
Quote by redstar13
it sounds like it will be awesome (I love cello)

sweet thanks for the comment.

idk if the singer will be what i suspect cause she has never been in a band and im kinda like man.
In my band it's just guitar, bass and drums but we're looking to add many other instruments on various songs (we have a trumpet and a sax on one, and a guest vocalist on another). We're trying to get a lot of different instruments incorporated into our music because it's really fun to play with other people who aren't just a standard guitarist, bassist or drummer.