I wasn't sure whether to put this here or the pit...anyway...

My band and I have recently started practicing, yadda yadda yadda, and we're trying to think of a band name. We've come up with a few ideas, so I was wondering if you could all tell me what sounds the best, because we really can't decide.

Chaos Conspiracy

Amplified Silence


Recommended Dosage


The Unwritten Legacy

Any comments would be delicious :P
Lol. I think that a band name is always something thats alwsya overthought. People will always wanna change it or dislike it or w/e.

You should go for something that
(a) is easy to remember
(b) oxymorons are now obsolete (Led zeppelin is the best)
(c ) no one would WANT to call their band
(d) maybe an inside joke

These are just my suggestion though. You do w/e you want man.

I mean If it were up to me I;d just yank out a random word from your post and call the band that.

Like "Yadda"

I'd say thats not too bad a name. But thats just an example.

Good Luck and Rock on!
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They're all pretty typical! How about "(enter bassist's name) and the Star Gang".

Even better than that (if there is such a thing!), find something that means a lot to you or your band or stands for something that you, as a band, support or condone.

Eg. Tool named themselves so because they considered themselves a "tool" for the audience to achieve their goals of gaining insight/enlightenment etc.

I can't see many people in support of overdosing.. in the end those things just sound really immature and you'll get typecasted.
What style do you guys play?

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What style do you guys play?

We're rock/punk. We're comparable to Rise Against and Sum 41.

But I see what you're saying, Gill, that makes a lotta sense. I'm kinda figuring that they all sound overproduced. Thanks.
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