is the MS-2 a good mini amp for the price? haha if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.
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zVex nano tube head? it sounds great but it's $400+.
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nano tube rules, the mini Marshall and most mini amps suck big time

Go with the micro cube, great amp, compact, battery operation, portable, sounds great...

I have the Fender Tonemaster Mini from MF...i think it has some ok cleans but the distortion and OD sux...
it does get nice and loud for a tiny amp though but the tiny speakers are just the worst which is why I built a small 2 x 6 cab and added a speaker output on the amp.

This is a file containing a chart to follow the MP3 file which is the mini fender I recorded with a Shure SM57 off axis in my studio:


Use winRAR to unzip the files.
File 1 is an MP3
file 2 is a Microsoft word document

if you want a clean or OD tone you can always build a Ruby amp in a small box and use it like a pocket pod...haha

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yea man definatly the microcube you can get lots of different sounds out of it including blues metal rock jazz acoustic and a whoel lotta other ****
i haven't tried alot of mini amps, but from my experience MS2> the fender mini amps. the MS-1 can get a bit muddy, but it isn't too horrible.

and he's talking about the 9 volt mini amps, not actual amps so to speak
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Ive heard that the smokey one was good. (for mini amps)
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