Well, I'm up to about 110 bpm and I've started noticing multiple problems. Especially with my picking hand. I've also noticed that I anchor my wrist to the guitar just in front of the bridge pickup. So, is achoring my wrist a problem? I HAVE seen many guitarists anchor with their pinky finger but never with their wrist.

Again the question; Is anchoring my wrist a problem?
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look at marty friedman
he does the same thing
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Ive heard countless people say that it is bad for you to anchor your wrist, or anchor period.
That being said, I believe that it is all depends on personal preference.
I don't think it would affect you if its how you're used to doing it.
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Well if your fingers are fixed in a single spot ,yes its anchoring, but if they're moving around and brushing or rubbing the body, its cool. I personally suggest not letting them touch at all just so not develop the habit of anchoring or confusion behind it at all. also having your plam on the bridge fixed in one spot acting as a pivot or support, is anchoring like the fingers its ok for it to brush the strings to mute, but not stay stuck in one spot. The cons of anchoring is that it hinders your right arm development acting as a crutch, and could also lead to injury.
Yes, but he does it below the pickup and what he does isn't considered anchoring. I do it above. Is there any difference? I mean, if I have to change it I could very easily; I've noticed I can adapt very quickly to different things.

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If ur ears aint ringin...ur doin it wrong

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oh well if you can change you should, but you don't HAVE to
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