Lately I've been listening to a lot of gypsy swing and jazz (like Bireli Lagrene), and I really want to learn about this stuff. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good tabs / lessons for some jazz or swing "Standards" that aren't insanely hard.

I've been playing for about 6 years, so it doesn't necessarily need to be totally beginner, but I haven't really played any serious jazz pieces. Mostly rock, blues and classical esque stuff.

Thanks a lot in advance.
i don't know if you also mean bebop by jazz, in that case, pretty much everyone starts out with charlie parker, and in my experience it's a good choice, you'll have to go through a little trouble of learning some songs (like anthropology, and a little easier choices for a start: the classics now's the time and the yardbird suite) but after that you'll find yourself to be able to get the sound..

i do think your brain needs to get adjusted to it first, as it can sound very very weird and just too fast to know what's done etc. to play it, you need to hear every single note, and know why it's there.. so start out bu just listening to this kind of music, a lot, and learn your harmony- theory

and well, when playing, try to think like a sax player, who needs to breathe, it'll give you that instant bebop feel.. you could do this (as i do) by hearing the notes in your head in a sound of a sax

if you meant more of the slower pieces, i still recommend learning parker, cuz that's still getting used to the phrasing, the -inbetween- notes and in parkers case, the arpeggio-based soloing, but just at a higher speed, i found i automatically phrased with a same feeling ..

and if you just can't listen to bebop because your nerves can't take it, check out george benson (very swingy, try give me the night) or ofcourse the mighty martino, who is still easy on the nerves..

oh, and when you're progressing and ou feel like you've got the feel, try transcribing a coltrane solo, it'll absolutely kill you (at least it did for me) but it's worth it! (in terms of improvising afterwards, coltrane is where i really found my freedom)
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I was looking for some Jazz standards as well. Look at this video:


The guy does some jazzy thing in there at some point (it starts at about 1:40) with a clean tone, it doesn't stay all distorted). Is there anything that would be relatively easy to learn, even with work, that's in that style? I'd love to learn to play Jazzy stuff like that.
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