I've been playing for a little over year with the same crappy practice amp usually borrowing amps from friends for shows. I'm sure you guys get this question all the time but I need help choosing an amp because I don't know any bass players in my area except myself. I was recently impressed when I went to Guitar Center and played with the Line 6 LD 300 which was $599.

I've got a $1000 price limit.

I play rock, alty, funk, metal, country, hip-hop, anything and everything really so I need a flexible amp (which I thought the Line 6 fulfilled).

I do small-medium shows.

My bass is an Ibanez GSR 200FM.

Many of you are older and wiser than I so your input is appreciated.
I hear both good and bad things about Line 6 reliablity when moving them around a lot. other than that if you like the sound and you think it's powerful enough then you should get it. It's really up to you at this point. the only thing i don't like is that there's no extension speaker jack so when you upgrade in the future you'll have to do it all at once.
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I heard that the Line 6 has quite a "thick" sound that you can't really escape, which you should kinda pay attention to.

I've owned a Fender Bassman 250 that would fit under that price limit, and it had good portability, as well as a great EQ.

Also, we can't forget Carvin!
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$1000 is quite alot of money

you could get a GK 1000-RB head from rmcaudio.com as well as a decent cab, maybe avatar, though I have no direct experience with them.

If you can save up another 200 you can get a GK NEO 2x12 cab I use the 700rb head and 2x12 NEO cab, and it's an extremely versatile beast I can get every tone i'll ever need out if it.

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