Okay, so i bought one of those apple mouses, with the side buttons to reveal all windows and such. It cost me around $50, but i was hooked to the extra buttons ever since i got my last one. It won't scroll up anymore. I've had it for around a month, this happened to the last one after 5 or 6 months.

This, of course, is unimportant, because the fact remains that it's incredibly annoying to use the trackpad or to actually use the scroll buttons.

Anyone know an easy fix for this?
go to apple's site and DL drivers,or install drivers from the cd that came with it (if there was one)

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damn what a blow to your image. i wouldn't hang around someone with a broken mouse
Mine does that every now and then. I just push down on the scrolling button and move it upwards. It usually fixes mine in a few attempts.