I haven't seen it around and I checked the search bar so I thought I'd put it up.

The official theater arts thread!

Post any crazy or funny stories about theater, how long you've been participating, shows you've done, musicals you've worked on, quotes, theater traditions and rituals that you're theater has, sound and tech crew tips and anything relating to theater of any kind.

Right now my school is working on You're A Good Man Charlie Brown in the round. Im Schroeder . The songs are goddamn catchy.
I Do Theatre!
I did a play last year call "Dick Whittington and Wonder Cat" - if you ever read that play i'm sure you will agree it is quite sus!

eg; "Alice, Go below"

My schools doing Little Shop of Horrors this year and my theatre groupis doing Tresure Island (which i got a lead in! )
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^no. not that at all. from what ive seen, from my school's drama performances and knowing the people and everything. drama is straight up weird. you guys don't come across as actors, you just look weird. that aside, every person i know in drama thrives off of it and makes sure to cause as much as possible in their daily life. thats my problem with it
Last year I had a few minor rolls in "Annie". Including a few singing roles.

And for the past 2 days i've been auditioning for "Thoroughly Modern Millie" as "Jimmy", had my first audition Saturday, my call back today, and I find out tomorrow night if I get it. I'm looking forward to it. Should be a real challenge after the stuff I've done.

Can't wait.
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