Ok im working on this intro and I have 2 versions 1 with capo and 1 with out capo. its my 2nd day and i've got a little but i think its very good for a short intro. Please check it out and leave some sort of feedback. thnx

-2/10/08! Updated made it longer and changed the guitar to distortion.
- 2nd update 2/11/08 Made it better and working on the rest of the song.
Updated 2-11-08 Click Me!.zip
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Thanks for the crit on that thing im not sure on.

It really was just aload of riff's i'd come up with and i think i was over desperate to use. So i chucked it all together to be a bit honest. And it dosent really flow that well.

Anyways, your song thing.

first off all. its in powertab and i have to use MIDI so i cant open it and go through in detail over sections but oh well.

i like the way it sounds all dark and creepy with the acoustisc ands the quiet strings!
i wanna hear a whole song from this, when there is one;
put it up!

10/10 so far!
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Accoustic version -
It sounds good overall, but last 15 chords sounds really weird and don't really fit.

Distorted -
I think this sounds nice as well... Try it out on accoustic as well this way and see which you like better.

Both intros sound good.. It really depends on your mood and the way you want the rest of the song to go. Sorry I couldn't really help you out.

Care to listen to mine? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=783011
Updated Please check the first post. 2/11/08 working on the rest of the song and i think its a better intro as it is now but i could be wrong lol.
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