I've had this song for a while and I just finished it, well except for the bass which i got lazy on, give me some crit on it.
Wow that was some great stuff. Very reminiscent of Dream Theater.

The way the intro built up was pretty epic, and the distorted guitars afterwards were very cool.

I absolutely LOVE the entire acoustic bit starting at Bar 39. The way everything is layered there just sounds so awesome.

The part before and during the solo is pretty sweet as well. The piano really does a great job of accenting the distorted parts of the music, and the solo itself is pretty damn sweet. The keyboard solo was awesome as well. I wasn't really expecting it, so when it started I was like "hey, neat!"

The part starting at Bar 146 with the Strings and the Acoustic guitar is absolutely incredible, I love how dark it sounds.

The outro is amazing, I love the use of the acoustic guitar to complement the dark sound of the distorted guitar with the strings, and the drums really add to the overall feel of it. It's a fitting, awesome outro that definitely seems very well thought out.

Overall, this is pretty much a perfect song. 10/10.

I'm not sure if you've done a crit of mine yet, but if you wouldn't mind, it's in my sig.
Didn't really like the strings at the beggining. The progression just wasn't very good.

It sounds WAY sweet when the distortion kicks in. That's really, really good.

Transition into the acoustic part wasn't executed very well. I liked the pregression though. Very exotic.

Nice vocal line too.

I assume 69 is the chorus. It's sounds really good, and the vocal harmonies sound excellent.

The 7/8 time part was really Dream Teater Esque. It's cool thouh, especially the drums, and the guitar solo is STELLAR.

A keyboard solo? This is so Dream theater lol. All these solos are great though.

Wow that's crapload of time sig changes.

The part when it goes back t 4/4 is brilliant. Very dissonant and mysterious.

That was very good, but I think you should structure it a little better. At least give it some sort of Verse/Chorus section.

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This song is really good. I myself write prog metal and this is very inspiring. The intro buildup was powerful. The follwing chord progressive was somewhat weak but the section before and after the incredible guitar solos was also amazing. I like all the eclectic rhythms and guitar parts, its exactly how I write. Good Stuff

That was awesome, and i really likes the piece with the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar where they harmonize in the solo.

Gratz for making a f'cking awesome song
I really liked the piano at 9.
I'm not sure I ever heard the Sawtooth until 22 though.
I really liked the tone change at 63 too.
79 was a nice change as well. I think it could've been harmonized at around 87, when the vocals come in... Or at least something added to it.
The solos were very nice.
146 on was a very very sweet sounding.

Really good song.