So i made a thread a while back about getting a valve amp and while I'm saving ive noticed a few jcm900s (combos) online for 250-350 quid second hand, which is around the price of a peavey classic 30 new. Ideally I'd like a jcm800 but seeing as thats quite unlikely for the amount of money i have, i was wondering if the 900 would suit me. I play guns n roses to zeppelin to blues to bon jovi. Cleans are important, but i hear the 900s cleans are gash. Thoughts?
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anyone at all?
Epi Les Paul Standard plus
w/ Seymour Duncan Sh-2n in neck and SH-4 in bridge
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iv seen 2x12 jcm800 go for about £350-£400 in the past few months, keep an eye on ebay or the local papers
Cheers mate i will. How much was your jubilee?
Epi Les Paul Standard plus
w/ Seymour Duncan Sh-2n in neck and SH-4 in bridge
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Well I got my JCM900 on Ebay for £375 (not including shipping) and it is in perfect condition, other than 1 valve which is a bit worn down. I don't know where you heard that the cleans on the 900 are bad because they are probably the best (or at least in the top 3) clean tones for Marshalls. Very nice and warm, great for blues with the clean gain about half way aswell. The distortion I've found takes some EQing, you need to fiddle with it a bit to get the sound you're looking for but when you find it, it really sings. I havent had chance to crank it yet because even on half wattage (you can lower it from 100W to 50W with a switch on the back) it is LOUD, but it's still pretty good at low volume. As for the JCM800 I havent tried one but I have heard that the cleans on it are poor, and that the overdrive on the dual channel one isn't as good as the single channel. Somewhere on the forum there is a table that someone made with all the Marshall models on there. Anyway if you really want nice cleans I'd say go for the 900, but if your looking for a slightly better OD go for the 800. If your in the UK check on gumtree.com it's like the UK equivilent of craigslist for the USA.
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Try to find a JCM for sure. I play thrash/death, it can do that easily with the right gear and sounds immense. It will be greatly suited for the bands you listed.

The 900 doesn't sound as good as a 800 I think, it is voiced more modern and to me it has a bit less that classic sound. The 900 is known for more gain from itself, though I compensate that with a BOSS SD-1 overdrive which I don't even have to boost to the max to get enough gain for death metal. Slash used 800's and Jubilees later on, which are very similar. So you should be good with that.

I own a dual channel 800, because I wanted to be able to switch to clean when needed. It sounds very, very reasonable clean.
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The JCM900 SL-X 2500 that I played had AMAZING cleans and a LOT of gain. The overdrive wasn't quite as smooth as the JCM800, though.

So, you can definitely nail the clean tones that you want. But, I'm not 100% sure about the overdriven tones.
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I have a JCM900 and I have to say, the cleans are AMAZING!!! I'm not sure who you heard about the cleans from...but it will definately suprise you. The JCM series offer a lot of great things and can be found decently priced.

In my opinion, go to a local shop and try them both out for yourself...you can listen to people rant endlessly on here...providing you with sometimes biased information...or you can go..plug one in and try it out. It's just much better to do it that way...plus, you'll get the sound you want.