I've been modding my guitar, and I wanted to switch from nickel to gold covers, except the gold pickup covers I got off of eBay were slightly off on the hole cutting for the pick poles of my Seymour Duncan '59 and JB. I was wondering if anyone knows a good pair of gold pickup covers that will -

1. Fit on my humbucker pickups

2. Barely change my pickup sound if at all.

The price doesn't matter to me much because I'm tired of postponing the completion of my guitar due to technical problems like this. PLEASE HELP!!
I think Seymour Duncan uses standard 50mm spacing unless he specifically says it's F spaced. If your ebay covers came with gibson spacing the holes will be too close together. If they were F spaced the holes would be too far apart. Go to www.allparts.com or www.stewmac.com, or if you are in the UK then go to www.allparts.co.uk or email Tim at Bare Knuckles.
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do you know if the pickups on the sites you listed are good-quality - meaning they won't alter the sound of my pickups??

EDIT: I took a look at the SD '59 dimensions diagram, and it says that end pole pieces are 2" apart. So does that mean that they have a "2-inch pole-piece spread'"?
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all covers alter the sound. Nickel silver alter it less than chromed brass. You will have to call allparts or stewmac and ask them if their gold covers are plated brass or plated nickel. The ones that are not gold will tell you if they are chrome or nickel.
Not taking any online orders.