Hi i own a Fender LEAD III and a VOX AD30VT amp.

Some vid with it:

Uhm... i play with these settings on all cover and mostly my time:

Amp sett: Metal .. on one cover i use UK-Modern
GAIN: 7-8
Middle: 7-8
Treble 9-10
Bass 4-6

And i use the bridge pickup all the time to get that hard tone.. and well the volume on 10 all the time and tone about 8-10.

I use this during all covers.
And i don't know if the output on these pickups is very high.

I found out that they are so called: Seth Lover humbuckers form the 80's

And i have the LEAD III... for more info here:

Could i get a higher output and more crunchy sound with a SD JB Model, Invader or somthing ?

Cheers for the help!
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