I sell stuff on eBay and Amazon Marketplace. I've never had a problem with delivery until now.

A buyer contacted me saying he had not received the item I had posted over a week ago-

It is past the delivery estimate and the item has not arrived, please may I have a refund

I replied, a day later-

Have you received the item yet?
It was dispatched on the 26th Jan. I have proof of postage.

He said-

I have still not got the item

What happens now? Do I have to refund even though I did nothing wrong?
I'd ask Amazon what to do
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"It is past the delivery estimate and the item has not arrived, please may I have a refund"

That's BS.

That's why it's called a delivery ESTIMATE, because it can't be guaranteed. Contact Amazon and ask for advice.
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what proof of postage have you got?
If it was a recorded delivery then it will need to be signed for, which can be traced through the post office so i would explain as politely as possible that until the item is returned to you by post that you cannot give a refund because in your eyes the item could still arrive at his house any time soon, if he is genuine then he should understand.

Amazon.co.uk is now rife with people who are happy to keep hold of a "missed post" notice until they get a refund and then claim the item and their money back, screwing you out of both money and the item itself, very irritating and i only found out after 3 people tried to buy a PSP off me giving false information and sending fake amazon confirmation e-mails.

Anyway, as i said, if he's genuine then he shouldn't have a problem waiting until you get the item back before he gets his refund.
If not and he leaves you bad feedback leave a comment underneath explaining that constant contact was maintained and buyer was aware of what you were doing and refused help, just that he was being VERY pushy about getting his money back

Hopefully this will help (provided you sent it recorded delivery, if not then speak to amazon and they'll help you as much as possible)
call him a liar.

change your email and address,

move to mexico and live of his money
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