At the moment im using my strat through an epi valve junior with a boosted MXR blue box. Thing is my tone feels a bit lifeless and flat, a bit empty
So i was thinking about getting either:
Electro-harmonix Small Clone
Electro-harmonix #1 Echo
Electro-harmonix Holy Grail

Which one will give my tone a bit more life and a bit more excitment?
I play indie/brit rock/alternative.


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Holy Grail is a great choice, IMO, everything comes to life with reverb. It's a great unit, however I have the original, I use over my amps built in spring reverb.

However because the grail is used before the preamp you might ind cranking the amp up sounds a bit crappy with the grail because of the grit the VJ puts out distorts the reverb sound.
By miles. Well specifically the grail, it's so warm and thick, the laneys spring reverb just sounds a bit plastic to me, plus it has no where near the instensity/versatility/coolness the grail puts out.

Down sides are that it is digital (Which is only really a problem when your a big analogue elitisit)
It sucks out 500ma (Comes with an adaptor)
And the original ones dont have a battery compartment and have a 1/8" adaptor jack

I dont know about hte new ones, to my ears, the Flerb setting sounded pretty poor on the newer ones, nothing like the standards,
EQ brings the VJ to life for sure, check out the Dano Fish & Chips
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You defiantly sound like you are wanting a heathy dose of reverb. Maybe even a smattering of chorus and delay. But most likely reverb.
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