I wondered if there is a way to paint this on a guitar body:


Is there a way to paint even the fine sharp areas, like the hair of Yuna on the top left? I thought of using a template, but it would not be as detailed as on the picture. an alternate way availiable?
self pwned , and yes TS, there is a way, i have seen many intricate designs 'somehow' put onto guitars, be this through extreme skillage or alternative methods. Someones ound to tell you.
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Theres ways were you get the images and put it on there not by paint but by taking a wallpaper type material and then covering it was laquer
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You might be able to silkscreen it at a shop, or get really good with masking tape. But yea I'd suggest finding a way to print it on a vinyl sticker, putting it on, and clear coating it
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Or get someone who is really good with an airbrush.

But yea, you aren't doing that completely yourself.