My Crate VC5115 died on me last night. Was playing it and it made a loud pop and then a sizzling sound that faded away. Here is what led up to it, what I've done, and what I am willing to do. There is a low humming sound that doesn't change volume at all.

The input jack had been acting up a little weeks ago but tightening the nut seemed to alleviate that. Just before it went "pop and sizzle" it started cutting out again and I wiggled the jack and it came back but then 2 minutes later while playing at a fairly low volume, it went bye bye.

I opened her up and found what I think is a ton of busted joints on the power tube sockets and a few on the pre sockets. I carefully melted the solder on the joints because I don't have a de-solderer. The joints on the input jack (pcb mounted) seem solid. I cleaned all the pots and jacks with Peavey Funk Out. Replaced all of the tubes with new ones and still the same. Silence.. Doesnt work. I tested the speaker and that works fine. All the filaments in the tubes all light up fine.

I would appreciate any help please as I have no money for a tech right now and need this amp to work. My expertise is next to nil. I have a meter but if I need to use it I would have to have someone tell me exactly what/where to test and what setting to have it on. I can post pics if you need me to and I can offer to maybe trade you something for the help but I have no money.

Thanks in advance.
it might be something really simple like the fuse in the plug, try changing it? might get lucky :p
Yeah, check your fuse. Give us an update with some pics.
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And just because the tubes are glowing doesn't mean they're working.
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That cap is bad news. Replace it. Even if it didn't cause this problem, it will mess up something sooner or later.

I don't know what you checked, but traces on the tube sockets usually happen on the other side (bottom).
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Yeah I checked the joints on the other side of the board. I just didn't post any pics of that cos my camera doesn't really show where the busted joints were. I am going to replace that cap as soon as I can but I don't think it's what is causing the issue.