Hey All,

I'm looking into getting a new guitar for passing school this year. My dad offered to buy me one around 300$ish (Canadian). I'm interested in maybe a BC Rich Warlock or something. Any Advice?
go to a music store and find one that feels good to you. its not really YOUR guitar if WE pick it out for you
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Do no Buy a 300 $ B.C. Rich, You are going to regret it later on.

Just give us some more information and we'll help you find something better. Is this going to be your first guitar? If not the what other guitar do you have? How long have you been playing? What amp do you have?
I have a "Robson" Electric Guitar Starter system. I'v been playing for about a year (if not more), I have a Robson Electric 15W Amp but I'm picking out a new Amp sometime soon, before I get a new guitar.
Schecter FTW!!! I'm not sure if you have enough money but if you do go for it
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shector and ibanez's are what you wanna zero in on. Try to go used if possible, yo might be able to swing a good jackson for less. But eriously, just go around play everything you can. You'll figure out what you like.
i'd definitely go schecter. all their guitars have great quality even in the lower price range. don't go with the B.C. Rich, though, i played a 300 USD bc rich last time i was at guitar center and it was not very good.
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Look for an used LTD 400 or higher. But seriously dude, Get nice tube amp first, The Valveking is really good with gain when boosted
Amp first. The cheaper Ibanez's (hard-tails, no trem) aren't too bad. Epi's with set necks (no bolt-ons) are also pretty good. A $300 Warlock is not good at all.
Go to a local shop, try a few out. We can't pick it out for you, we don't know what you like. Anyways, I wouldn't go with the Warlock, but that's just me. They don't look too comfortable or nice, but like I said, that's just me. Last night I read the ten commandements for the fun of it and didn't learn anything I didn't know. There's one thing that you should know...just if guitars look more metal doesen't mean they are.
I'd recommend something like a Schecter Blackhawk or Omen. Another good option would be an Ibanez RG series.
Epiphone Les Paul? I think those are around $400 though, so you'd need some money of your own.

Don't buy a BC Rich Warlock though, they are ****.
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I have a couple of Warlocks, and like both of them. For $3oo-ish, there's not much available new, though. Keep checking ebay, I've seen a couple of the "Exotic Classic" ones come up in that range. They have kind of limited tonal capabilities, due to the single pickup and no trem, though.
Neck-through, Mohogany "wings", one of my best-playing guitars. These were supposed to retail in the $1000-$1100 range, but I have seen new ones pop up on ebay in your price range.
Here's a link with some specs and a photo:



Pretty much!
anything but a warlock
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I disagree very strongly.
"Worst guitars ever made"? Not even close.
The guy said he's interested in a Warlock, what is the point of bashing them?
Mhh you seem just like me =D Get a schecter omen 6 great overall guitar for any kind of music =D go to youtube and look at my page http://youtube.com/user/agscottyii And you can see me playing it =D anyways hoped i helped!
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^ lol we posted at the same time, and both said schecter omen 6 =D get it!
Dean Razorback Explosion =D
Schecter Omen 6
Ibanez 30 Exotic Wood =D
Custom Les Paul w/EMG

Line 6 Spider II :S
Peavey ValveKIng Halfstack

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