yo! can anyone give me a list of companies that make bass pickups.
i like nice clear punchy tones by the way so if you can reccomend any specific pickups would be great!

so far ive looked at:
seymour duncan
bare knuckles. (but they dont do bass ones

any others?
Get Seymour Duncan quarter pounders, and for what type of bass
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umm jazz bass, maybe precision too
cz im either gonna get an aerodyne jazz hich has a split p neck p-up or a normal jazz.
ive already looked at SD's and itll take me a while to save so im looking for other options.
i like bartolini, not sure how anyone else feels about them
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I put SD Quarter pounders on my all maple P bass clone and they made a huge difference. Bright and punchy are the usual adjectives I get describing the tone of that bass.

You may want to check out EMGs as well. There are many on this site who have used their pups in their mod projects and liked them immensely.
I absolutely love Lindy Fralin pickups, I played a Precision bass with a slightly overwound set dropped in and it sounded so good! Once I've got some spare cash I'm ordering some.
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Seymour Duncan, EMG, and Bartolini make great pickups. They're my three personal preferences.
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I hot rodded my Ibanez GSR200 with Duncan's and the tone is alot more defined, (actually sounds like a bass now), I recommend those. I'm now also having a Schecter Stiletto customized with Bartolini's, Barts give the bass a much more detailed, colorful sound, I prefer those much over the stock EMG's which in my opinion lack significant warmth in a bass. I also highly recommend trying out Nordstrands, their not as popularly voiced as other brands are, but they are definitely worth trying out if you want a vintage, distinctive sound, you'll never go wrong with Nordstrands.
Seymour Duncan and EMGs are the standards, and Bartolinis are also very nice. At the top of the heap are Lindy Fralins, but if you want the best vintage growl, look at Dark Star pickups from Hammon Engineering--they are incredible. Also, the top of the line for pure tone is Q-tuner pickups--I have a pair of these in my fretless and the top end is crystalline, bottom is crisp and punchy. They are $300, but they are worth checking out, especially if you are serious about bass tone.
Jaco de Lucia.

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Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
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I just bought a new Ibanez bass and it came with Bartolini pickups and i love them, they make a truly beautiful sound.
I personally reccomend BassLines, they are my brand of choice.
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Id look at Basslines pickups, as well as Bartolini and maybe something like Lindy Fralin. If it helps, Flea's Modulus bass has Bartolini actives i think, and he always uses Bartolinis. But I would save up for some Fralins.
If we're talking Fender-style pickups, it's hard to beat the company itself, especially with their SCN line. I own a guitar and bass with SCNs and they're incredible. Straight up Fender sound with clarity that you never thought existed.
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Straight up Fender sound with clarity that you never thought existed.

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LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
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