Okay i have a big question.. I've been playing for 3 years, and recently i started studying scales and modes.. for real

And one question's bugging me.. Is it okay to learn only major scale (all positions) and then if let's say, song is in E minor, i will play G major scale.. and so on.. I mean, what's the point of learning all positions of minor scale if i already know major (i know it's the same fingering, just different roots).. It will sound allright..

Is there something wrong with this approach, what are the dissadvantages..?
relative major/minor scales are not the same. even though a scale may contain the same notes as another scale, the two scales are still not the same.
The scales themselves aren't the same, though they have the same notes. The backing chords determine the key. For example, if you were to play an A Minor scale over a C major chord or progression, it would be C major regardless because C is the tonal center. Likewise, if it were over an A Minor chord, no matter where you play the notes A B C D E F G, it's always A minor.

The most important thing you can realize about scales is that they aren't box shapes, they are sets of intervals that can be played anywhere on the guitar, and played on any instrument.
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