its a dean v255 razorcack v, explosion graphic with floyd rose and emg's

i ask for my friend who owns one and is selling it and going bass

he bought it about 6 months ago but after a coupla weeks decided he didnt like it

now hes going to selling it on ebay

its in perfect condition although the floyd needs a clean thats it, its barely left its case since new

how much could it get?
I'd honestly pay less than 500.
I don't like razorbacks much anyway, they'd probably sell on ebay for upwards of 600-700.
id steal it

you could probably get about 6 bills if its still in perfect condition
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oh in pounds sterling please

thats real useful

I just answered the title, and I did answer in pounds stering.
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3 chickens and an onion.

A whole onion?

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A whole onion?

Personally I'd rather keep the onion...

Well it's a rotten onion.
I'd probably offer him about 350 for it, but be prepared to pay upto about 500. They sell for about 800 on ebay, but don't tell him that.
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Are the chickens dead too?

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i wouldnt. razorbacks are hidious looking guitars. now a dean ML with brazillia burst and black hardware it teh sex
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I'll give him 50 bucks for it.
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