looking to get a new amp, looking at:

Line6 Spider Valve 112
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue

I play all sorts of genres, classic rock, indie rock, a little jazz, blues, santana, joe satriani, heavy rock, metal, guns n roses, muse, a7x etc...

Needed for bedroom practice, playing with drums, small unmiced gigs, recording

Anyone feel strongly either way? Experiences with any of them welcome.

Is there any advantage to the Hot Rod over the Blues deluxe? (Is the third channel worth anything?) Is there much difference between their clean channels?

I need versatility, so if I get a Fender will probably end up getting a metal muff, dd20 delay and dunlop wah.
Will a metal muff sound ok through the blues deluxe (the names don't really mix).

Is the od channel on the Fenders much like a hendrix sound, or led zeppelin?

All ideas / help / slander / responses welcome.


none of those truthfully. try a classic 30 + OD (for heavier tones)....it wont be spot on but good enough

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yeah... get the Peavey Classic 30 or Fender Blues Deluxe
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^ i went to GC months ago and tried a Blues Deluxe next to a RI Twin, the BD sounded horrible. I just dont really associate a7x/metal/hardrock with the BD. or maybe you go get a traynor YVC40

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

The spider valve or the hot rod are your best bets IMO.


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Go with the Hot Rod. But if you can afford it I would go with a Twin Reverb, or just the Standard Reverb with the 1x12.
Vox amp? ad30vt ad5050 or the xl ones with a distortion pedal should b good
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Well I would actually recommend the Spider Valve. I REALLY LIKED IT when I tried it (and it was at pretty low volumes, but it sounded good at higher volumes too). It's VERY versatile and will fit great for you.
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If I go Peavey Classic 30 how does that sound compared to Spider Valve / Hot Rod?
Will it work with the fx i mentioned? Delay + wah + metal muff?

Also @ timzee (or anyone in his position) do you put the tubescreamer and muff pi throgh the clean channel? How does that work out?

The VOX ad30vt looks like a bit of a downgrade almost from my Roland Cube 30 and I couldn't find a '5050', but what is the CC1 like, again same questions about Fx.

I think I'm probably leaning towards the Spider Valve but would love to be persuaded in any direction. Has any1 here used Fx with a Spider Valve. Doubt I would need to but maybe something like a tubescreamer would be good...

Also how is the spider valve delay? How much more flexible is something like a dd20 from the spider?

I can't get Crate amps easily where I am...

Thanks for all the help!