i have a squier affinity stratocaster and i would like to know if putting in emgs/cheaper solution would improve my tone, or to get a new guitar. id much rather change my pickups, because ive herd of squier custom jobs have worked well, but i am exetremely comfortable with my squier.
if you like the guitar and feel really comfortable with it, buy a good amp and then switch pickups, ive never played a squier tho :S but i love my strat
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new guitar, definately
the effects of a decent guitar with alright pickups are probably better than a mediocre guitar with awesome pickups.
and also if you do upgrade you will probably find the new guitar nicer to play if you choose the right one and look back and wonder how you ever managed.

happened with me anyway
^Yea, get an Epi Les Paul standard. sounds good, lotsa sustain, looks nice too. If the flame top version is too much, there's a plain top version for ~$100 less.
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new amp + possibly pickups if you're still not happy

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Offers/Trades anyone?
i have the same guitar. however I also have a Fender MIM Strat, and it beats the squier by far.

if i were you, i'd get a new guitar, then modify the squier.
I know what you mean, my Squiere Stagemaster's neck feels better than any guitar I've ever played, and is really comfortable with the picking hand also. The pickups would help some, but a new guitar would help more. A standard strat is pretty cheap if you can't afford an AM strat.
yea a low end squire like that with pickups that probably cost more than the guitar is just stupid. if you have money for emgs just save like 120 more and you can get something nice
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Yeah, a new guitar would be way better.
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Id say new guitar. Since a Hammet/Gilmour pre-loaded pg wouldnt fit, it would cost more to put in 3 EMG singles, along with new electronics than it would to buy a new guitar i think, especially if u dont do it yourself. Since it seems like u want a heavier tone, i suggest an Ibanez RG321 or an Epi SG.