How do these two compare. I realize the soundcraft has more chaneles. The soundcraft is available at a shop near me and it is quite cheap so I was looking into it but I wasnt sure if it is good. They both got good reviews.
Behinger mixers are almost never all that great...I returned mine soon after getting one and went with a nice Yamaha MG. The Tapco mixers made by Mackie are better than the Behringers but around the same price.

however those Soundcraft mixers are supposed to be good from what ive heard at a few other boards.

BTW, what is this going to be used for?
Mostly just basic home recording or as a mixing board to play diferent amps and mics out of some speakers we have at my school. My friend is quite good with this kind of stuff so well be setting it up together.

Thanks for the advice on the beringhers.
Yeah typically if you can possibly afford it, it is best to avoid Behringer gear. Buy cheap, buy twice.
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