Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed there have been a bunch of accounts advertising a site called bazaarofchina lately. This website is a scam, do not be fooled by it.

So that we, the mod team, can effectively deal with them the mod team hereby ask you to report any poster that has a link to bazaarofchina anywhere in his post, say you've reported it in the thread, and don't post in the thread again. This to prevent multiple (and thus useless) reports. Please don't report something when you see someone else already has. This goes for all threads in all forums.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Edit: Another site called paylessguitar has shown up. Same deal.

Edit2: If you see this link: teapotheaven dot bravehost dot com/index.html do NOT click it. If you do, the script on the page will cause you to make an advertisement/porn post yourself, without you knowing about it.
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