I don't know if this is that basic of a question, but I have started transcribing my first song, "Punxie by the Divinyls", and having alot of fun doing it, as it is starting to open up the doors to every song I have ever wanted to play but couldn't find a tab for it. It is alot easier than I thought it would be, I thought you would have to have perfect pitch or something.

But I decided to write the score in staff notation rather than tab as I have staff paper and I thinks it's better, especially considering the fingering I figure the song out in probably won't be how I play it in the end. That and I am learning keyboard so for the first time since my classical guitar lessons I have got back into staff.

But which staff?? I gather the guitar is a transposing instrument which means all the music I learned during my lessons was actually an octave above what was actually sounding. I mean middle C is the C on the 1st fret of the B string, not the C on the 3rd fret of the A string as it is noted. Right? So I decided to write an 8 under the treble clef which I gather is the notation to make it technically correct.

Then I wanted to write the bass line (I don't actually have/play the bass but it helps get the chord roots). But thats a transposing instrument as well, just like the guitar an octave below. Right?? So is it technically right to stick an 8 under the bass clef to make it look like a book??

I know it doesn't matter, I just find all of this quite interesting. I always thought the guitar was quite a high pitched instrument but it actually goes quite low on the piano.
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