I'm working on Cliffs of Dover at the moment, and I have a question that has been bugging me.

If you check the tab on UG, in bar 31 there is an artifical harmonic. I can't get this to sound right on my guitar, can anyone give me a hint what I need to do?

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Without looking i would suggest pickign somewhere else on the string. If it's a pinched harmonic you mean.

You can change the pitch of a pinched harmonic by picking some where else on the string. Try picking either closer to the neck or more towards the bridge.
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Cliffs of Dover is tough man, I'm working on it, slowly but surely. The part that screws me up is the really fast sixteenth notes at the beginning. Haven't progressed much.
I had a look at the starting solo and the actual solo and just threw that part away for later, the part that "screws" me now is that I cant make the harmonic sound right and then it sounds lame.

I'll try pinching different parts of the string, although I feel like I've tried that over and over already. :P

Ok so I tried to pinch at different places on the string, however since it's on the 15th fret I found it hard to get a clean pinch, it came out as half a harmonic. Any tips on how to achieve a nice, clean harmonic?
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Uhh... I think the harmonic you're talking about... play at either the 24th or 36th fret node... it's not technically an artificial harmonic... Check your treble settings, increase gain maybe.
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I love that song. I can play it but i'm still working on one of the runs.

I know what you're talking about. It's a sweep up three 12's, 15, 12, 14, and then a pinch at 15, right?

For that part, i find that it's fast so i can't do a normal pinch -- instead, i do a pinch harmonic right above my bridge pickup. It'll ring out just like a pinch harmonic, but I can't make it ring out for **** like Eric does, but it's still a PH. God, it amazes me the tone he can get...he's my freaking hero.