yeah so my ipod isn't working, the buttons won't reaspond but it isn't on hold and i can still reset it but nothing else. i spilled some soda on it a couple weeks ago and had a similar problem but it resolved itself, but now its not working again. any one have any ideas?
Yeah, don't spill soda on it.
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Still under warranty?
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this happened to mine a while ago, just let it run out of batteries, and then charge it again and it should work. that is if the problem is similar to mine. is it on and wont do anything, or is it off and you can't turn it on?
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Get a blendtec blender. Then you can see if it REALLY blends!
Then try to return it, saying that you "tripped" and it "fell into the blender" and it was in there for "a while" because "you couldn't stop it."
See if those people at the apple store will accept it =P

Or, you could just return it intact if it's still under warranty.
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I had that type of problem before. I plugged it into my pc and it worked again.
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When you reset it does it come up with the sad ipod icon?
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it happened to one of my friends too, he droped it in the shower (with water in it) and the buttons don't work, but he can still use it to store files, like a external hard disk... i think it wasn't on warranty
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Spill more soda on it.
That's so crazy, it might just work
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It's on and the buttons don't work except to reset it.
I got it last june, i'm not sure if it's still under warranty.
Thanks for the ideas, dig the blender one