My bridge is popping out. I just noticed today when I picked it up. The guitar has not been anal dropped.

that happened to me on my first strat too. take off the back plate, and tighten the three screws that are connected to the spring in the bridge.
Okay, I had a number of problems with mine.

It could be one of a few things.

1. The springs for the trem got detached, and the bridge popped up.
2. The pins that the trem is anchored down with are loose, and popped up taking the bridge with them.
3. The bridge slipped out of the pins mentioned in number 2.

Those are probably the most likely. Can you take more pics?

Edit: yeah, it could also be tightening the springs. But didn't it happen kind of suddenly?
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there's your problem, its a squier stratocaster lol, jk
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If the action is ok then you are fine. Its a friggin soft tail. You are supposed to have some space for the whammy bar to tighten
if the action is bad, then tighten the screws equally, but loosen the strings first. Guess and check. You can also slant the springs.
It is supposed to pop up a little! If you keep going you will have to adjust the truss rod too.