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As I was looking around for sites that offer the Fender Blues jr. I stumbled over te brand Fame. It seems that those amps are built in Russia and re-named by a major music shop in Cologne. I heard that the Fame GTA-15 would be an almost exact copy of the Fender Pro Junior at less than half the price!

Now my question is: Have you ever heard of the brand and if so, is there an amp in their line that comes close to the peavey classic 30? Or something like the Blues jr. just with a little more watts?

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i've heard of them but haven't tried them. i thought they were made in poland...

sorry i can't help more. if you aren't too far from cologne (i guess you could be in the north-west of belgium) obvious thing to do would be to go to cologne to try them?
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Apparently they have to "kinds", the higher end ones are hand built in Germany, and budget ones are built somewhere in the east. At least I think so.
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Actually, at least some if not all of the higher end Fame tube amps have at least at one time been made in Poland by the same guys who make Laboga, and some models used to be sold both under the Laboga and Fame brands. Now Laboga has discontinued most (all?) of the ones that where also being sold as Fame, and some of the higher end Fame ones are also discontinued (such as the one Laboga now calls Mr. Hector, which used to be sold under the Fame name for less money).

Fame is a brand made for and only sold by Music Store.
I have one, if you're still interested. I bought mine at the Köln store and I simply love it. The sound is warm and the distortion is very vintage. Compare it to a Vox at the same 15W.

Just make sure you're running it grounded (unless you want it to pick up some radio station nearby).