Glass of Pain

Verse 1: the leaves are on the ground
i'm listening but there's no sound
of those angels calling my name
telling me that i'm insane

Verse 2: the glass is in the air
it's almost touching my hair
the time is frozen solid
i'm thinking about what i did

Pre Chorus: there's that glass of pain
stealing my name
the crows are parading in
the death match will begin

Chorus: the crows will eat the meat
and i shall be beat
by the sunrise and sunset
and they haven't even met
the feather's tell me about you
and i don't know what to do
i lit some candles in honor of your face
so i hope you're in a good place

Verse 3: i can sense the danger
of that sad anger
on the house upon the hill
where the scarecrow likes to chill

Verse 4: eyeballs in the jar
remind me of that car
that ended your life
and the only thing left were your kids and wife

Bridge: she doesn't even know
that you're life was about to go
your kid just learned how to catch and throw
it brought a tear to my eye oh oh
your daughter has her hair in the bow oh oh

Pre Chorus
Chorus x2

Ending: she doesn't even know you but i did
Obama '08
it's ok ish..nothing too amazing

seems like some stuff is there just for the sake of rhyming and seems kind of corny to me

but just fine tune it a little bit and i'm sure it'll be good