selling my mesa boogie single rectifier solo 50 for £800 ONO. its in mint condition, was retubed with mesa tubes 2 weeks ago and comes with slip over cover, speaker cable, footswitch, footswitch cable and the manual. i can take more pics of it if theres some interest. UK ONLY!

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I'm interested. Don't suppose you would trade for a custom electric guitar made especially for you? Or a very nice, brand new, mini jumbo acoustic made out of 100% monkeypod. It's just been finished and it's on a music shop shelf at the moment with a 1200GBP price tag but that pays the VAT and commission for the music shop. Could get you pics of acoustic if you like but it will be a couple days. Can't get you pics of the electric because I would be building it for you but you. I can promise you that it would feature my own hand wound pickups that some say sound better than BKP.

I recon you want the money but just thought I would through it out there as an option.
Not taking any online orders.
corderoyEW pm'd

im not really interested in the V2 though, ive never been able to get on with randalls really