I'm thinking buying one of these guitars for $460. I'd just like to know some peoples opinions on these. Are they any good? I'm also thinking of getting some differant pickups for it. Any reccomendations? Thanks
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dude i have heard they are good but they go for $300 so dont get scammed

What do you mean by that? The Jackson I'm talking about is nearly 500$
I have one, it sounds pro, don't get hosed though I paid 270 cd for mine, and if you want to get pickups changed I'd buy some Seymour Duncans
The JSKV is about 300 dollars.. the person above is right.


You must be thinking of the KVX10, or 10D (which I own, changed the pickups).


^ Thats along the lines of what you want. The JS is crap.

Edit: On second thought, why not just get the RR3? Its the same price (if not cheaper) if you bought the KVX10 and changed the pickups.

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