I have about $600 to spend on a new guitar. I don't know if I should by a guitar with all the money or by cheaper guitar($400 range)then buy high quality pickups for it. What do you guys think I should do and what gear would you recommend
Some guitars, such as the Jackson Dinkys come with pretty decent SD`s for that price range, so it depends, what guitar you want I guess.
what do you like to play? what amp do you have?... are you looking for an specific shape?...etc.

metal?.... mmm... id say go to the jackson, schecter, ibanez and ESP websites... when you have a good idea of what you want/dont want in your next guitar... come back for some more helpfull feedback...

cause for me youre just too general right now... i could suggest from a epi SG... to a schecter with and FR... or an LTD... you need to kind of know what you want
thx with the help...I think i'm gonna just get a jackson rr3. My friend said he sell it to me for only $400.
Anything ESP over 300 and your good to go
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That sounds like a pretty good deal if the guitar's in good shape. I think the most important thing for a guitar is for it to feel good to YOU. If the guitar feels good to you then I'd say get it as it's much more new.
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If the rr3 doesn't work out, then the choice of guitar v. guitar + pups is completely dependent on the guitar. A few points of reference.... Jacksons tend to have good pups, IBZ stock pups are pretty ****e.... it's all about the model, too.
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