I got this problem on my guitar that if I trill at some of the high string the low E and A start to vibrate, is the proplem with me? or perhaps on my guitar? and if you know what the problem is what should i do?

I got Epiphone les paul standart and as a amp i use line6 30w

Weird. I'm guessing it'a guitar problem, although what exactly, I'm not sure...really old strings?
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that amp isnt the best but that is not the problem. there really isnt a "problem" with you or the guitar its just that the vibrations from the E string cause the other strings to vibrate, so just learn to mute the strings that you arent playing and your problem will be over. also, this occurs with guitars with a lot of sustain
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I change strings to my guitar once per month it can't be that.

Oh and i can do it with muting : ) there is no problem on that. and i know that amp sucks : ( thank god i get new one this month : )

thanks for your help dudes