I have a Jackson DKMG and ive really gotten sick of the EMGs (85/81), they are extremley muddy on the lower notes and are extremley sterile. I play mostly Marty Friedman Megadeth stuff on it so i want it to have good tonality. it has an alder body with a carved top so i think it would be best to switch to passive. ive heard that this is a bitch to do because you have to remove the pots and **** like that. Ill probably have someone do it for me which will cost a ****load of money. how much do you think it would cost? also Im thinking about Putting the Jb/Jazz set in it because i have a JB in my epiphone and it sounds great for metal. But i might want something a little heavier than a JB whats something tahts a step up from that?

Ineveitible question: why didnt you get the Jackson DK2M

Answer: at the time i wasnt in to megadeth and the DKMG seemed more metal, also the neck was much smoother and faster, the intonation was better, and it just had overall better build quality.
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It depends where you get it done. Besides the cost of the pickups you're probably looking at an upwards of 70 bucks to have them installed.
maybe duncans blackouts?
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If you want to sell your EMG's I'll buy em from you. PM me for details I guess.
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