What are your views on this bass?
I want a musicman version but feel it's out of the price range.

Also, will it be good for low tunings and yet suitable for funky sounds?
cheers you lot
i have a real stinger so iunno how diff they are, but my stinger is great for almost everything.
and as for detuning i think thats more in the strings than the bass

get earnie ball hybrid slinkies
there made for detuning often

when Moses brought down the plagues upon Egypt one of them involved Behringer amps

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Is this your first bass? If so the OLP MM2 are great first basses and will serve you well. They have the funky sound most players like from EBMMs and that humbucker quality that you either love or hate.

However, if you are looking for a second bass, I'd save a bit for an EB SUB instead. As far as sound and quality its OLP<SUB<EBMM, with the difference between OLP and the SUB greater than between the SUB and EBMM. SUBs have been discontinued, but stores still carry them and they've been showing up on Ebay lately as well. What's your budget here?
SUBs are awesome, i saw one for like £320....for a musicman!!!

may have been more tho, i cant remember
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I had an MM2 and the construction was horrible. I got a lemon though.

That said, the necks are NOT meant for thick strings (tuned standard). The necks are VERY floppy. If you're going to detune, make sure the string tension is as light as you can stand.

As far as the sound goes, it only really gets that Stingray "ribbit" when both "pickups" are on - otherwise, it's just a Squier Jazz sounding bass with little actual bottom end. The bass is by no means thundering, and there's little actual low-end.
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