Hey guys, I've seen a v-amp2 for sale quite cheap from what I've heard, but I'm not so sure how good the distortion can compare to say, the line 6 spider III, would you say it would sound better than it? Or not that much? I guess this purchase would be an 'upgrade' but I'd just like to know how it compares, being on a budget, I could just buy a midi cable and some headphones which would be ideal for me.

I play a range of different metal bands from Pantera to Megadeth, I know the cleans sound good but can't find any decent samples for the distortion.
Also, if anyone has any experience with these, how does it sound through a pair of bogstandard headphones? I can't afford a pa at the moment.
I have one, I prefer it to a Spider or any practice amp around the same price as the Vamp. Not as good as a Valvetronix or Cube though.

It sounds good through a decent set of headphones, also sounds nice through a hifi and into the effects return of my valveking. Didn't like it through my 5.1 computer speakers though.

I don't really use it anymore except for a tuner because I have a Valveking but its good for those occasions when I have to be really quiet when playing (barely ever).
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Thanks for the replies.

According to the reviews this is about as good as the Pod 2.0, if not better than the price. Could I call this good upgrade from a Spider III?
Depends how much you get it for, its not loads better but its a lot more versatile.
Schecter C1 Classic Left Handed
Line 6 POD HD500
Peavey Valveking 112
It's £60 which apparently is a pretty decent price for a brand new one.
The spider on the other hand cost £130.
Yeah, it's made of cheapy plastic and hasn't got an off button, (power cable is prone to damage too I heard) but I doubt I'd be throwing it around like a football or anything.