I've been trying to mix some vocals into a song I'm working on, but they seem to catch people off guard when they start, like...as if they're too loud, but if I turn it down you can't really hear it clearly. It's hard to put words onto....I'd say I've got a fairly mid ranged voice...can anyone give me some advice [or guide me to a previous thread] to make my voice sound more ingrained in my song? Thanks.
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Pull the volume back to keep it level, then apply some EQ at 3kHz.

This will put it forward in the mix without making it too loud, that frequency range just percieves loudness.

Add a little reverb, too.
Try to do some oversinging.
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Can you automate it so that the volume slowly rises when the vocals enter? Either that or maybe try some compression.
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Compression, a bit of reverb, and cut some of the low end with an EQ.
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